Engineering company achieves 70% energy saving with world's fifth largest Gold Mine

Diversified engineering company Turbo Air has achieved a 70% energy saving through  energy efficient technology for a major gold-mining group, reports the company.

This comes at a time when mining companies in South Africa need to recover from the 2009 financial crisis as well as come to terms with steep electricity tariff increases announced by State-owned power utility Eskom.

Turbo Air spokesperson Gerald Nel reports that the project with the gold-mining group involves the instillation of energy saving technology on heat pump systems, compressed air systems and water chilling systems. When running at full capacity, the energy saving technology can achieve savings of up to 55 MW a shift.

“An added advantage of the technology is that it is a demand side management project, which replaces power back into the grid and offers a rebate to companies to employ such technology,” says Nel.

He adds that the contract with the mining company started last year and has a two-year implementation phase. The first machinery sporting the technology is expected to be in working order by May.

“The project is unique to the company concerned, however, Turbo Air has been in contact with other mining companies regarding the technology. No firm orders have been placed yet; but the technology has a big future in South Africa considering that energy makes up a considerable portion of a mining company’s expenses, which are set to increase with the new tariff increases announced by Eskom,” says Nel.

Nel adds that the technology is not limited to the mining industry and can even be used in domestic heating applications.

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